大塚みか/Mika Otsuka


Mika Otsuka is a singer from Ashikaga, Japan. Born in 1997, she started her career as a member of an idol group called Watarasebashi43, promoting her hometown, Ashikaga (Tochigi Prefecture). Her love for Ashikaga and music led her to Hawaii. When she performed a stage in Hawaii in March 2017, she found the connection between Meisen(a kind of kimono made in Ashikaga) and Aloha shirts. It is said that Japanese immigrants made shirts out of kimono fabric(thought to be Meisen) they brought from Japan and that the shirts were the origin of what is now Aloha shirts. Finding the unique connection between Ashikaga and Hawaii, she started her career in Hawaii, trying to be a bridge between her hometown and Hawaii. She is now visiting Hawaii frequently and making connections there and performing there. She also began to learn Hawaiian music, dance and culture.